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LED Traffic Variable Message Signs

MOQ :1 piece

Lead Time :15 Days

Product details

Product Specifications

  • Brand name:Glare-LED

Product Description


Glare-LED variable message signs and traffic guidance equipment traffic information dissemination, which is based on LED lighting device shows the effect of the basic traffic information display unit of a display device with graphics and text. According to the instruction information traffic, weather and dispatching department, the operator can be released to the variable information boards of various notices and information to effectively induct traffic flow, improve transport capacity of the road network, the safety of the driver driving fast provide excellent service. 


● display module having the versatility and interchangeability can be composed of different display colors and different sizes according to needs.

● double-box structure, the formation of internal natural convection mode, so cabinets space temperature reaches equilibrium.

● pixel module junction box and use the "O" ring, with good moisture anti-leakage performance.

● module package uses advanced soft silicone, the elastic, strong anti-aging ability.

● power supply, it is important IC device through the heat sink cooling, not only solve the heat, but also to ensure the performance is unstable due to mechanical failure when the cooling fan caused.

● use special wide temperature range of the device, ensure the normal operation of the display at high or low temperatures.

● The control system only with the IPC, and higher reliability.

● use of sophisticated large-scale integrated chip high-speed serial transmission network alternative to discrete parallel transmission chip, reducing the complexity of the transmission display, reducing the complexity of the control system to improve the stability of the product.

● using the network cable to transmit data to reduce the screen body inside the transmission cable, greatly improve the stability of the display.

● using a common network data transmission technology, improve gradation display variable message signs, information boards enable a better display.

● using a common network data transmission technology, in favor of compatibility and product upgrading. Help to improve the response speed of the system variable message signs. 

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