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Outdoor Front Service LED Display

MOQ :20 piece

Lead Time :15 Days

Product details

Product Specifications

  • Brand name:Glare-LED

Product Description


The spec for frontside service LED display is saving space ,for the installation of the mosaic structure, the space is very precious,so as not to leave too much place for maintenance the channel,so the maintenance can greatly reduce the overall thickness of the LED display screen structure, not only can blend well with the surrounding building environment ,meanwhile save space while ensuring effect, between the module and the cabinet is installed without screws, more convenient in assembly, a few seconds can be removed by six angle screwdriver, greatly improve work efficiency .The cabinet light, maximum thickness is 115cm, weight is 26kg, compared with similar products, light a lot.


● Module size standards: 320mm x 320mm, the same as the bottom shell of the installation of space size; 
● Standard module usage between the cabinets , shorten the delivery time, customers in different spacing of steel structures can be used;
● The surface is black, smooth, strong anti UV protection modules, protection the screen is flat and not deformed.
● Adopted the core technology ,front side and back side services ,there is no need  maintained channel, for various installation environment.
● Outdoor HD LED display leader of mature products, the specifications of the leading peer 2 years, all over the world have successful cases.
● Adopted the core technology of the F series ,front side and back side services ,there is no need  maintained channel, for various installation environment, modular design, installation and the low cost of maintenance, fast speed, and can be with electric heating. 


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