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Outdoor Energy-saving Display

MOQ :20 piece

Lead Time :15 Days

Product details

Product Specifications

  • Brand name:Glare-LED

Product Description


In nowadays LED market, large and small LED display manufacturers are scrambling to introduce energy-saving LED display, say 50%, 55%, 60% or even 70% more energy-saving concepts. Which one is the real energy saving in the end? Energy saving rather is relying on a particular display hardware and software technology improvements, than the final result on technology innovation and framework design. Glare-LED outdoor Display, after mature experimental tests, has 2 kinds of energy-saving solution. 


1. High consistency in white balance, without color cast from any angle of view;
2. Black masks, and special design for light absorption, The whole screen is in good flatness;
3. Super high contrast, up to 6000:1 contrast ratio;
4. Special sun shade design, the overall design looks flexible, reliable;
5. Vertical and horizontal structure of the special design makes good flatness of suite, no module effect...


How to caculate the consumption and compare with traditional LED display ?
Calculate as 50sqm LED screen(Daily working time 10h, 1KW = USD0.2

Traditional P10mm Outdoor LED Display: 

Average 0.26KW/sqm
Electricity Cost 1 year:= $0.2x 0.26(Kw/m2) x 50(sqm) x 10(hours/day)*365(days/year = $9,490

Energy Saving P12mm Outdoor LED Display:

Average: 0.08KW/sqm
Electricity cost 1 year:= $0.2x 0.08(Kw/m2) x 50(sqm) x 10(hours/day)x 365(days/year)= $2,920

The Result: Saving $9,490-$2,920=$6,570 annually on electricity cost for 50sqm LED Display Screen.

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